dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

Allez les Bleus

Things are heating up outside with one hour to go to the start of the World Cup final between France and Italy. Fans are starting to fill the bars that will show the game on big screens. Honking cars and shouting fans are setting a festive, competitive mood on the street. TV is filled with news of the big football personalities, analyses of the key match-ups, and reviews of the run-up to this decisive match. The picture to the right showing the long banners of Italy and France hanging at opposing corners of the Place d'Odeon says it all.

The match is predicted to be a defensive battle. Many give the narrow edge to Italy. I am predicting victory for les Bleus on the basis of a breakthrough performance by No. 22, Frank Ribery, the tough, innovative young French mid-fielder. His imaginative and hard-nosed play will solve the Azzurri's defensive riddle.

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